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POM Wonderful

So it seems as though I didn’t think 5 hours of photographing to create my outdoor/indoor assignment was enough for one day. When I got back home I wanted to take some pictures and make use of the 6 pomegranates I suddenly needed to eat. I thought it would be

A Prelude to Fall and my Future

Hello all! Today my Advanced Studio Techniques class took a field trip to Kansas City to tour the Hallmark Creative Studios. It was an awesome experience, and really eye opening. We were able to view some of their studios, including natural light studios and cove studios. We also were able

Experimenting with Glass

My upcoming assignment in my Advanced Studio Techniques class is dealing with creating shape and line with glass. There are two techniques that photographers use to create this–white line effect, and black line effect. Producing a white line effect will give the glass a distinct white edge around all of

M&P Refraction

This week’s M&P theme is Refraction. Now for those of you who may not be familiar with refraction and it’s application to photography here is a good explanation from Wikipedia. Refraction is the bending of a wave when it enters a medium where it’s speed is different. The refraction of

Materials & Processes: Abstraction in Geometry

One of the classes that I am taking this semester is Photographic Materials & Processes. This is a class deeply rooted in the science behind photography, and one of the more difficult classes I’ll probably experience while at UCM. Each week we are assigned a theme to which we are

Shimmerwings: Tropical Jewels of the Jungle

A few months back my mom and I visited Blue Heron Design, a small fair trade jewelry and trinkets shop owned by my neighbor, Casey Blystone’s mother. If you have not been I recommend you stop by! It is in downtown Lee Summit, really easy to get to and fun

I have my own lighting now!!

Hey all- I recently received my two new b400 alien bees complete with stands, umbrella reflectors, and carrying bags thanks to my generous grandparents!! They gave me a check so I could purchase the equipment as an early Christmas gift.  The two of them are some of the best people

Mary Williams is a Foxy Fox

Yesterday I did a photo shoot with my co-worker Mary Williams. We shot out at an abandoned what we thought would of been strip mall sort of place. It was an interesting place to shoot…but as soon as we pulled up there was a no trespassing–trespassers would be prosecuted and

Portrait #4– Alien Bees In Class

Today we worked on analyzing shutter speed and aperture in conjunction with ambient lighting and flash power.  It was a lot of thinking and constantly adjusting–which can be frustrating but it is very important to learn. If you don’t know what to do with light, you don’t know what to

Creative #6 The Alley Drunk

I had the opportunity to flex my creative muscles while shooting a drunk gnome series with my husband this Wednesday. We found an interesting alley behind all the pine street bars and decided to use the texture of the brick along with the broken beer bottle glass and random trash

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