Materials & Processes: Abstraction in Geometry

One of the classes that I am taking this semester is Photographic Materials & Processes. This is a class deeply rooted in the science behind photography, and one of the more difficult classes I’ll probably experience while at UCM. Each week we are assigned a theme to which we are to photograph. Later we all come together for a brief critique of the images. This particular professor has a critique method which consists of rating each photograph in order 1-being the best and the very last being the worst. Our very first assignment was just our favorite picture over the summer. I submitted one of my lemon cupcake images (view it here) and it took 3rd ranking. Not bad, I thought.

This week’s theme was Geometry. At first I was dreading this assignment as I am not a mathematical person and I have never been able to easily understand abstract shapes and colors and patterns, much less create a conceptual photograph using objects based on this design. I searched everywhere I went for patterns, line, shape, repetition and I couldn’t seem to come up with something that made me want to run home to the computer with my images.

My final conceptualized idea came to me while I was sitting in my computer chair frustrated and staring around at my surroundings, desperate to find something to photograph as time was ticking away. I started playing with these spherical magnets that my husband was given for Christmas. I formed them together to create a octagon and set them down on the table. I then took my 105 macro lens and started playing around. My first image was this lovely straight and sharp line of spherical chrome balls strung together, with a continual degradation in sharpness to where it became just bokehed background.

I continued to explore these magnets and their potential to become my Geometry image. Chet eventually showed me how you can create cubes with them too and then the real fun began! Here are the rest of my images. Let me know what you thought was the most interesting of the bunch!

2 Replies to “Materials & Processes: Abstraction in Geometry”

  1. beth says:

    the second one especially is so beautiful. love these!

  2. frenchstarr says:

    #1 I love transition to the bokeh!!! ❤

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