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Searching for ContrĂ© Jour at the Red Barn Farm

This week’s M&P theme was contrĂ© jour, which in french means against the sun. I had a lot of hopes for this assignment but I couldn’t seem to find the right moment. My last hope resided at the Weston Red Barn Farm. A fellow photographer Andrew Mather had suggested that

M&P Refraction

This week’s M&P theme is Refraction. Now for those of you who may not be familiar with refraction and it’s application to photography here is a good explanation from Wikipedia. Refraction is the bending of a wave when it enters a medium where it’s speed is different. The refraction of

Materials & Processes: Abstraction in Geometry

One of the classes that I am taking this semester is Photographic Materials & Processes. This is a class deeply rooted in the science behind photography, and one of the more difficult classes I’ll probably experience while at UCM. Each week we are assigned a theme to which we are

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