I love photography. I love food. Put them together and you’ve got my passion. I first created this blog as a way to update my family when I lived miles upon miles apart from them. Now it has become a hub for expressing myself creatively, and sharing my craft with my readers. I never used to think about food photography as a career, let alone an artform. Little did I know that food photography would become my life. I can honestly say that photography is the core of my spiritual and mental happiness. I feel so incredibly alive and fulfilled when I am photographing, and I am extremely lucky  to have a career which is symbiotic with my personal goals, and desires. This blog is a mental and visual reminder of my progress as a photographer and as a cook. I have so much to learn in both respects, and I look forward to sharing with you all my experiences.

In my photography I use natural and flash lighting interchangeably. I try to keep my subjects true to form, meaning, no chemicals or other tricks photographers use to make food look appetizing. What you see is always edible, and fresh, and almost always homemade. I think it is important for a photographer to be able to make something look amazing, but realistic. So many times a recipe or image in a magazine has sparked my interest, but ultimately left me discouraged when my own attempt did not yield the same results.

Aside from my food photography, occasionally I will share portraits I’ve created or any other project I’m working on. Food photography may be my passion, but give me a camera and I won’t hesitate to click the shutter, regardless of subject matter.  I’m currently 27 and living in Appleton, Wisconsin.


15 Replies to “About”

  1. artworkbyaj says:

    Love the camera shots. Too bad they are Nikon 😉

    • hullcha says:

      oh boo to you. They are both quality cameras compared to what some people use. 😀 Either way they are the top of the line. Nikon is just a little bit higher on the top. ehhee.

    • Brian Matsumoto says:

      Nikon and Canon both make great camera equipment. However it is the person behind the camera that puts passion, energy, and vision into making great photographs. It is how the tool is used to capture the user’s vision that is important. My compliments to being able to capture your vision Charlene.

  2. Aimee Starr says:

    Nothing wrong with Nikon! : )

  3. Hellopalz says:

    OOoo… cool camera n lenses! Do u also make jewelry or just photograph them? Either ways, i love the pieces n the way u have photographed them. I’m just a beginner n would love to learn from ur shots!

  4. Gnome Photo says:

    I used to make jewelry quite often. I would make necklaces, earrings, bracelets. In fact, when buying jewelry I always have to ask myself if I could make it. No point in spending money on something you could make yourself for half the price! I haven’t really made anything in some time though, photography sort of took priority!

  5. Jeff says:

    Like your blog!! There are some really cool pictures and i think you’re a good writer too. I’ll come back and look again! thanks for sharing

    • Gnome Photo says:

      Thanks, Jeff. Glad you stopped by!! If you want you can choose to subscribe that way you will get an email reminder anytime I have a new blog post. There is a little sign up on the right hand side of my homepage. I try to update often, but life sometimes can get in the way. It was fun working with you the past week. See you around, I’m sure!

      • Jeff says:

        OK i subscribed thanks! It was nice working with you too. I’m sure you will see me again, i really need my KC picture updated lol

  6. jeff says:

    Hey Whats up? i’ve been waiting for some beautiful fall pictures..havent you been to the family cabin this fall yet?

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