Creative #6 The Alley Drunk

I had the opportunity to flex my creative muscles while shooting a drunk gnome series with my husband this Wednesday. We found an interesting alley behind all the pine street bars and decided to use the texture of the brick along with the broken beer bottle glass and random trash to set up a scene for a belligerent gnome to stumble around in. I used 2 alien bee’s with a grid spot to create a very harsh vignetted lighting to give an uncomfortable, gritty aesthetic. I couldn’t decide upon whether or not I liked the images as a set in black and white, or in color. I feel like a gnome’s red hat should always be present–but I think color toning is tacky. It has to be one or the other–help me decide?  Anyway… enjoy them. I plan to revisit this concept as I have more ideas that I wasn’t able to execute.

– B L A C K   &   W H I T E  –

– C O L O R –

2 Replies to “Creative #6 The Alley Drunk”

  1. sabrinaguzman says:

    I like the black and white images #9 I think, it reminds me visually more of a drunk “gnome” look!
    for color I like # 8

  2. beth says:

    does gnomey have a crack pipe in one of those?!
    the converse = telltale sign it’s my brother. 🙂

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