Experimenting with Glass

My upcoming assignment in my Advanced Studio Techniques class is dealing with creating shape and line with glass. There are two techniques that photographers use to create this–white line effect, and black line effect. Producing a white line effect will give the glass a distinct white edge around all of its surfaces, usually with black background. A black line effect will produce a distinct black edge, with white background.

This is by no means an easy task. I sat down in my makeshift studio/extra apartment bedroom for a good 4 hours messing with this task, trying to get some practice in before I have to actually photograph it for my assignment this Tuesday. Anyways….here are two images that I liked enough after the shoot. The first is a very simple image, as I was focusing on achieving the effect rather than making an interesting composition. The second is a combination of the two effects into one image–a bit more complex and interesting.

2 Replies to “Experimenting with Glass”

  1. terryownby says:

    Both shots are nice, Charlene. But your second one, with the black and white background, is exceptional. I’ve never had a student approach this way and I find it extremely effective. Bravo!

  2. Kris Walden says:

    You do realize Lene-Bean that I may have to snatch your awesome idea and attempt to modify it. The lighting is great, and the water droplets really add interest to the second image. Very nicely done.

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