Materials & Processes–Bokeh

This week’s theme for my Materials & Processes class was “good bokeh”

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this photographic term, bokeh is essentially the blur or out of focus area in a photograph, or also the way a lens renders out of focus areas of light. “Good bokeh” is concerned with the quality and the aesthetic of the blur in a produced image.

I personally love bokeh in imagery considering many of my images utilize a shallow depth of field, which is one of the ways to achieve bokeh. This first image is the one I plan to turn in for credit. I took it of a type of grass that grows nearby my apartment in a field area. I have no idea what type of grass it is, though I’m sure my grandma would know.

The interesting part of this photograph for me was how my camera rendered the grass’s colors. I have in no way edited the colors of this image-minus a bit of contrast. The grass actually looks like a rainbow. I had the camera on auto white balance after trying all the other settings I liked this effect the best.  The grass had deep red,purple, orange, yellow, and green tones in reality, which with a blueish white balance cast created this unique coloring.

This next image was just a fun experiment that I did. Chet and I took Monty to his favorite park to play and I found a field of yellow flowers. Chet was wearing his mirrored aviator sunglasses and I thought it would make a neat image to photograph the reflection of the field in his glasses. There is also some bokeh in this image!

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