Mary Williams is a Foxy Fox

Yesterday I did a photo shoot with my co-worker Mary Williams. We shot out at an abandoned what we thought would of been strip mall sort of place. It was an interesting place to shoot…but as soon as we pulled up there was a no trespassing–trespassers would be prosecuted and that the area was monitored day and night. Though we were nervous, we took a risk for the sake of photography and I think we got some pretty great results. It was brutally hot though, Mary was kind enough to walk around through tall grass and buggy old buildings to get the shoot done. I don’t know about her…but I sure as heck was happy to ride home in the air conditioned car. I used an alien bee with a soft box combined with some natural light. I would really like to have Mary model again sometime…perhaps though on a day where we aren’t sweating like crazy from Missouri humidity. Anyways–Here are the images!!

One Reply to “Mary Williams is a Foxy Fox”

  1. beth says:

    these are be-yoo-tee-ful! i like the shoe one best i think 😀

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