Seth Clock Continued

I had a few images left of Seth Clock’s Portrait shoot that I hadn’t had the time to edit. Between summer school and work I was working hard to just edit enough to turn in for class! Most days I would come home with 700-1000 images per shoot to sort through, pick my favorites, edit, etc. As you might imagine I had a bit of  a back log.  Tomorrow a new summer class starts! I am taking Nature and Scenic photography. I’m hoping it will turn out to be a fun class–it also will give me access to the rental equipment for a few more weeks. Perhaps I can do some more private work. I have a friend who will be giving birth to her very first son and she asked me to take her newborn photographs! Also, one of my bridesmaids from my wedding is having her big day this coming weekend so I am planning on doing some shooting of her wedding. Hopefully if I have any good images that turn out I can send them some later!

Anyways here are the last images! Thanks to everyone for keeping up with my blog! I have nearly 2,500 views in less than a year!

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