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Early Summer Update!

Hello all- Its been quite some time since I’ve posted. I’ve been working hard trying to find a summer job which takes up  a good deal of my time. Chet and I are experiencing some financial issues which doesn’t allow for me to go out and buy all the ingredients

Seth Clock Continued

I had a few images left of Seth Clock’s Portrait shoot that I hadn’t had the time to edit. Between summer school and work I was working hard to just edit enough to turn in for class! Most days I would come home with 700-1000 images per shoot to sort

Portrait #6– High Key with Seth Clock

Learned how to shoot high key in the studio this past Thursday! It was a lot of fun and Anneka’s brother, Seth was kind enough to join us for the day to be our model. He had a variety of outfits so we changed things up a bit with outfits

Portrait #5–3:1 Lighting Ratio

Today we worked with lighting ratios focusing on 3:1 and messing around to see the differences of light quality in the face and hair with different lighting ratios. We also learned how to put up new backgrounds and use gels with the photogenic monolights. For some reason we were a

Portrait #4– Alien Bees In Class

Today we worked on analyzing shutter speed and aperture in conjunction with ambient lighting and flash power.  It was a lot of thinking and constantly adjusting–which can be frustrating but it is very important to learn. If you don’t know what to do with light, you don’t know what to

Portrait #3– One Light

Today in the studio we worked with the photogenic monolights to produce one light images. We also worked with the beauty dish, grid spots, alien bees, and several backdrops. We learned about broad and short light and how to pose a person so the light flatters their face. It was

Portrait Assignment 1–Window Light & 2–Subtractive Lighting

Summer School has begun, which means you all get some new photos to keep up with from week to week from me! This week my portrait class started with Jerry Schmidt. Two of my favorite photo gals are in the class too–Holly Hildreth and Anneka Clock. Our class consists of

Kansas City Zoo

Last Saturday myself, Holly Hildreth, and my husband Chester traveled to the Kansas City Zoo to photograph some of the animals. They had a red panda, which is my favorite animal which I had never actually seen in real life before! We got to the zoo around 2pm and tried

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