Portrait #5–3:1 Lighting Ratio

Today we worked with lighting ratios focusing on 3:1 and messing around to see the differences of light quality in the face and hair with different lighting ratios. We also learned how to put up new backgrounds and use gels with the photogenic monolights. For some reason we were a bit squirmy so we sort of got sidetracked often and goofed off. At one point we ran outside to pick flowers to use as props.  Jerry wasn’t the biggest fan–but it changed things up and made for a fun day. Jerry and his wife bought us tacos too for lunch! yummy!! Tomorrow we are going to learn high key and we will have a different model other than ourselves! I’m pretty excited.  Anyways…here are some images from today’s shoot.

One Reply to “Portrait #5–3:1 Lighting Ratio”

  1. Tony Hogrefe says:

    3:1 has a nice rich, full feel to it with plenty of depth and enough detail to be descriptive without flooding the subject. I don’t often use balanced lighting, but when I do, it is usually 3:1.

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