Portrait Assignment 1–Window Light & 2–Subtractive Lighting

Summer School has begun, which means you all get some new photos to keep up with from week to week from me! This week my portrait class started with Jerry Schmidt. Two of my favorite photo gals are in the class too–Holly Hildreth and Anneka Clock. Our class consists of just us three so we have been getting a lot of one on one time with Jerry. We are also extremely lucky to have been given access to an alien bee kit and a vagabond and whatever other equipment we will use for the 3 week course. This means we get to keep it the entire time! Of course with the liability that if anything should happen we are responsible no matter what. I think that is a fair exchange.

Anyway, our first assignments we dove into straight on the first day. We focused on window lighting. I used a Nikon D200 with a 2.8 70-200 lens. The second day we focused on subtractive lighting. We walked around campus looking for the right locations to produce this type of lighting and later went to Pertle Springs. Here are four images from each lighting type.

– W I N D O W  L I G H T –

– S U B T R A C T I V E –

One Reply to “Portrait Assignment 1–Window Light & 2–Subtractive Lighting”

  1. beth says:

    holy awesome new layout batman!!!
    and your pictures are coooool as well, you + chet should come to wisco sometime soon and check out my new apartment please!

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