A Prelude to Fall and my Future

Hello all! Today my Advanced Studio Techniques class took a field trip to Kansas City to tour the Hallmark Creative Studios. It was an awesome experience, and really eye opening. We were able to view some of their studios, including natural light studios and cove studios. We also were able to sneak in to view a finished and pre-lit video set. The technical director was even kind enough to show us what each light was used for and how it changed the way the set looked. We got to see their prop room which included everything from furniture, dishes, toys, office supplies, you name it, you’d find it there. It was just so amazing and it made me that much more eager to become a professional photographer working in a FUNCTIONAL STUDIO, rather than my apartment spare bedroom.

Anyhoo, for our next Advanced Studio assignment we are to control light to make it appear as though our photographs were taken outdoors or with outdoor lighting, but using indoor studio lighting. I am formulating some ideas in my head, and I have a feeling that this project will be much more difficult than most.

I love pomegranates and they remind me of fall so I think my project will revolve around them. I was so eager after the Hallmark tour to create some images that I started playing around with a possible subject matter/composition.  Here it is! Let me know what you think!

One Reply to “A Prelude to Fall and my Future”

  1. beth says:

    I effing love pomegranates.
    And I have that spoon!!!!!!!!

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