My husband and I love hot wings. We love them so much that we have dedicated every Thursday as “Wing Night” in our household. Wing Night consists of ordering chicken wings from pizza hut wing street. Chet prefers the 14 piece traditional mild whereas I am a boneless wing kind of girl–the traditional wings are just too slimy for me. If we are too poor to order out, or if we are feeling particularly motivated, we like to make home-made wings. We have nearly perfected our recipe. We have our own deep fryer and a 2 layer coating of various spices. We haven’t dabbled in creating our own sauce yet as we have just begun to master the crispety crunch of the outside coating. For now we have tried many hot wing sauces and have settled upon Crystal’s Louisiana Hot Wing Sauce. The only problem is that the only grocery store in town that sold it was Parker’s and now they are sold out!  😦

Anyways…we love wings…and I love food photography. Enjoy the images made putting two loves together. Oh and you might want to bring some paper towels or napkins to clean up your drool. 😛

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