Dijon & Creamcheese Chicken with fresh herbs

I started off today with great aspirations to make a peach tart tatin. I ended up botching this attempt miserably. I thought even if it doesn’t look pretty for photos it will still taste good. Not so much. I ruined it to the point where I didn’t even wanna eat it anymore. So long tasty Georgia peaches. 😦

After pouting for a little while I decided to shrug off the mishap and try a new chicken recipe for dinner. Chicken breasts smothered in a sauce containing Dijon mustard, cream cheese, minced garlic, fresh minced basil, and fresh minced chives. It turned out to be super delicious and will probably be a favorite among my husband and I.  If you’d like to try the recipe just click here.

4 Replies to “Dijon & Creamcheese Chicken with fresh herbs”

  1. STOP with all the tasties! UGH my pizza is not comparable.

  2. beth says:


  3. David says:

    I think I would really like this chicken, looks creamy and good

  4. David it was delicious! Chet was on his computer and turned around to find me with this on a plate just for him!

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