Serve it up: Watermelon Cake

Saw this idea of serving watermelon and thought it was pretty neat! I had left over watermelon in the fridge so I decided to try it out.  The steps are super easy!Hope you all are enjoying your 4th!

-Cut a 2″ thick slice evenly from a 14lb watermelon preferably from the center

-Cut the 2″ slice into 4 wedges & place on your serving plate as if it were whole again

-With your left over watermelon, use a melon  baller to create bite sized pieces. Arrange on top of large wedges however you may like!

3 Replies to “Serve it up: Watermelon Cake”

  1. brandimiller says:

    Cute idea, and it looks yummy!

  2. beth says:

    This so pretty!! What a great way to serve that.

  3. Gnome Photo says:

    I thought so too! I think the balls on top are perfect for parties! They aren’t messy like a normal wedge of watermelon!

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