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Winter in Door County Wisconsin

Just as Wisconsin is warming up to the idea of spring my co-worker Angela and I decided to take a photo excursion trip to Door County, Wisconsin and photograph winterscapes before they were gone. As I’m sure most of you have experienced, winter in Wisconsin this year was particularly brutal.

Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies

Wishing you all an early happy Valentine’s day! I know there are some people out there who aren’t the biggest fan of this holiday, but I happen to enjoy it…mainly for one reason. It is conversation heart season. Conversation heart candies are like my crack. I really shouldn’t like them

Cheddar Pretzel Bites

I think it is interesting how throughout a person’s life they experience hundreds upon thousands of things, but only some of them are transcribed to the depths of our memories. There are days that I can’t remember what I wore the day before, but I can recall my first experience

Cranberry Swirl Loaf

I finally snagged a weekend to myself and made it a priority to complete  a much-needed food shoot! I love getting my Taste of Home magazines, especially during the holiday season. There are always so many delicious recipes to try out. This weekend was perfect for an elaborate food shoot

Fall in Wisconsin

It has been a while since my last posting. Since then my vegetable garden has run its course, the leaves have changed to their vibrant fall colors, and a crisp chill whistles through the air. Yesterday it even snowed for a few moments in downtown Appleton. I’m probably the only

Homemade Garden Salsa

Hi folks! I’ve been trying to get this post finished for about two weeks now. I finally found some spare time to shoot a few pics I felt were missing. For the majority of the summer I’ve been uploading a smorgasbord of instagram photos documenting my flourishing veggie garden. I

Bridal Trash the Dress Session

Earlier this month my co-worker Angela got married to the love of her life in the beautiful landscape that is Banff National Park in Canada. While I wasn’t lucky enough to travel to Canada to photograph her wedding, we did get to have some fun together during her trash the

Fresh from the garden: Sweet Garlic Dill Pickles

Hi all! Earlier this year my husband and I decided to grow our very own veggie garden from seed. This is a task neither had done from start to finish before, and we were eager to learn how to grow our produce together. We knew we wanted cucumbers to be

Happy Holidays to you all!

I figured I should write a post quickly before all of my time is consumed by the holiday buzzing about. Tomorrow I have a half day at work and will begin my Christmas vacation. Almost every day is booked with family plans, traditions, and gatherings with friends. It will be

Cranberry Cookie Bars

Hey all! I thought I would take the rare opportunity of a free Sunday to exercise some creativity. I’ve had this bag of cranberries sitting in my fridge waiting to be used for something delicious. I finally came across a recipe for cranberry cookie bars that seemed perfect for those

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