Cheddar Pretzel Bites

I think it is interesting how throughout a person’s life they experience hundreds upon thousands of things, but only some of them are transcribed to the depths of our memories. There are days that I can’t remember what I wore the day before, but I can recall my first experience with a favorite comfort food to extreme detail. I used to spend the night frequently at my friend Danielle’s house. Her parents always had lots of snacks for us to enjoy. At my house we didn’t often have junk food, as my mom did her best to stay away from it and the food budget most of the time didn’t allow it. One of my favorite things to eat at Danielle’s house were the super soft cheese stuffed mini pretzel bites. I remember watching them spin around in the microwave until just a blop of cheese would squirt out of them onto the plate. Then before I would realize it, the plate would be empty. We would shove them into our mouths, barely letting them cool enough as to not burn our throats on the way down. Hot gooey, cheesey, salty deliciousness. I can still picture the way their kitchen was set up and the plates that we would eat them on…some twelve years later.

Since then I haven’t allowed myself these treats often, mainly because I realized how much extra crap was in them. Well, that and because the responsibility of grocery shopping as an adult meant that spending 7 bucks on a box of 12 wasn’t exactly fiscally sound. Earlier in the week I came across a recipe [online]  at, which gave me the opportunity to enjoy an old comfort food, with the added bonus of being home-made sans preservatives and chemicals. They weren’t terribly complicated to make, much less time consuming than other yeast based foods I’ve made lately. The real trick was figuring out how much cheese to fit in to each piece of dough, and how to seal and roll them back up to avoid cheese explosion. I found it easiest to fold each side of the dough over onto the center of the cheese bite and then squeeze the ends upwards to make a little pouch. Once the ends met I squeezed a little bit more to seal further. Then I massaged each roll in my hands a bit and then rolled it back into a nice circle. This technique seemed to work best and allowed the maximum amount of cheese to be put inside. Hope you enjoy the photos and give the recipe a try!






6 Replies to “Cheddar Pretzel Bites”

  1. mom says:

    Cheese explosion, that’s funny! You sure know how to seal the dough! I just hiked over some drifts, only sinking several times. Your pretzel dough is like wintry shapes, & the sunny orange cheese sun of my hike. Real cheese, filled on one side, stretching thickly, & gooily to the other side for another generous cheese pocket. I know what’s in that top pretzel, down to the bottom pretzel. I’d try to save some for later! Beautiful colors, shapes, & focus Charlene!

  2. frenchstarr says:

    YUMMMM! ❤ I'm going to have to try this (even as terrible as my baking skills are)!

    • Gnome Photo says:

      Aimee I find it hard to believe that you are bad at anything! Congrats on the new studio, btw and BABY! 🙂 She is adorable. Loved the photos of her and Isaac together!

  3. Your photos are spectacular. I am so happy you loved them. We have been craving them so much that I made a Jalapeno popper version last week. Thanks for linking up the post!

    • Gnome Photo says:

      Thank you! They were fantastic…I admit that my husband didn’t get to enjoy them as I ate the majority of them before he even knew it. 🙂

      He’d love the Jalapeno popper version! He’s got one of those iron stomachs…will eat just about anything with hot sauce on it.

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