Bridal Trash the Dress Session

Earlier this month my co-worker Angela got married to the love of her life in the beautiful landscape that is Banff National Park in Canada. While I wasn’t lucky enough to travel to Canada to photograph her wedding, we did get to have some fun together during her trash the dress session back here in rural Wisconsin.

Angela knew right away what she wanted to do for her trash the dress session. Patsy, another employee of our company, and a friend of Angela’s owns some land in the country and horses. Angela had been to Patsy’s house before to ride the horses and had a soft spot for a beautiful white horse named Baron. Baron is a 21-year-old Quarter horse.  A few other photographers came along and we made the shoot into a “workshop” of sorts. It was a lot of fun to have other photographers there, and even better to have a photographer for a model. It is easy to get great shots when your model knows how to work it for the camera! 🙂

Baron was a good sport, at first he was not the biggest fan of the white wedding dress. Patsy, his owner and handler said that the dress startled him due to its size. She also made us aware that wind can easily startle horses, and unfortunately our shoot was right before a large storm blew through the area. Baron was a champ though, and after some time with the big scary wedding dress, he relaxed and was able to be posed without trouble. We had brought apples with to give him as a treat and let him know he was amongst friends.

I wanted to edit the photos to further enhance the fairytale quality of the shoot. You’ll notice a variety of techniques to make the photos unique. Hope you enjoy!
















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