Happy Holidays to you all!

I figured I should write a post quickly before all of my time is consumed by the holiday buzzing about. Tomorrow I have a half day at work and will begin my Christmas vacation. Almost every day is booked with family plans, traditions, and gatherings with friends. It will be a welcome break from my regular routine.

I hope all of you are also able to spend some time with the people you love this holiday season. I’m so grateful to finally have a job where I don’t have to work on the holidays and have vacation time to actually relax and enjoy my time off. Most of you know that Christmas is my favorite time of year, and although this year has been a little raw for me as I am quickly approaching the year anniversary of my grandmother’s death, I have still found ways, however small, to let the spirit of Christmas fill my heart. Here are a few images for you all to enjoy. I’m sure I’ll have more to share later on.

Much love to you all!






6 Replies to “Happy Holidays to you all!”

  1. Sierra says:

    Happy Holidays, Char! Your presents look so beautifully wrapped! Gorgeous.

    • Gnome Photo says:

      Thanks Sierra! I love wrapping presents! All that glitter is scattered throughout the carpet in my apartment. 😛 Not sure Chet loves that part as much as I do.

  2. Priya Krish says:

    Oh want a lovely photo post! and what an amazing drool worthy cupcake that is!!! Merry Christmas

  3. brandimiller says:

    So pretty! What did you use for lighting on that first cupcake picture? I tried to do something kind of similar with window lighting but mine didn’t turn out nearly as good. I’m thinking I didn’t have enough light.

    • Gnome Photo says:

      I had some wonderful window light coming in from the right and then used a silver reflector to the left. I was using a tripod with a pretty slow shutter speed to get some of that ambient xmas lighting to come through. 🙂 fun to experiment with!

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