An Elegant Affair With Angel Food Cake

I saw a method of creating roses with frosting a while back on one of my favorite food blogs. I decided it was something I had to try and I finally got the chance to this weekend. I used my husband’s grandmother Hoo Hoo’s decorator frosting recipe as she was once a professional cake decorator! I made this cake thinking of her and all the beautiful cakes she made for people in her lifetime. The cake is a 3 layer angel food cake with a simple white frosting. The frosting on the cake is different from the decorating frosting. It took me from start to finish about 4 hours to make this cake. I decorated the cake with roses and messed up badly on the last couple, so I had to scrape off all the roses I had already piped and start all over again. It is my first attempt at this technique, and I know that there is room for improvement, but if I don’t say so myself, it was a pretty decent attempt!  I wanted this to be a very simple photoshoot, without a ton of props to distract from the elegance of this cake. Hope you enjoy!

3 Replies to “An Elegant Affair With Angel Food Cake”

  1. Kaytie says:

    HooHoo did not just decorate! She made wedding cakes, and from scratch! 😉

  2. Charlene Champion. you never fail to impress me. You are constantly growing and working to prefect a craft that you have all of your heart and soul invested in. It shows how dedicated you are at this. Can’t wait to see your images in food magazines.

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