Meyer Lemon Bars

I had a hankering for lemons this weekend so I decided to make two lemony treats. The first were lemon bars using Meyer lemons, a sweeter lemon with a very subtle floral undertone. I used a recipe found on pinterest by Dandelion Mama  (click the name to view the recipe).  Meyer lemons are actually thought to be of Chinese origin and a cross between a normal lemon and a mandarin or an orange. I think using Meyer lemons were key for both of these recipes. I have had many lemon bars in my lifetime, but these were probably some of the best ones I’ve ever had. My kitchen was filled with a lovely warm citrus smell. When I was making the bars I started to smell what I thought was a bit of burning, so I opened up the oven to find that the bars had started to brown a bit more than I thought they should have. Baking is always a bit of a risk as a recipe may work well for one kitchen, and be different for another. The bars are supposed to sit until completely cooled before they are cut into, but I wanted to know if the bars were ruined so I decided to cut into them anyways. I had never made lemon bars before, only ate them so for future lemon bars I learned my lesson by doing this. Cutting into them was both a mistake and amazing at the same time. The bars were not burned at all, but they were very much an ooey gooey mess. I decided rather than trying to shove the sliver I had cut into back into the pan, to just eat it to be sure I was making something worth eating. They were glorious. The crust had a lovely buttery flavor with perfect texture and the filling had a pure lemon flavor even if it was messy. For the photos I think I could have waited longer to cut into them as they were still a little gooey, but I think that added more character to the bars.

The second recipe I made, but unfortunately did not take any photos of were lemon bar cookies. Essentially they taste just like  a lemon bar, but in cookie form!! These were FANTASTIC. I found the recipe again on pinterest, please give this recipe a try click the link here The Seaside Baker. They aren’t complicated and are definitely the type of cookies that go quickly at parties! I’m  hoping that my husband hasn’t eaten them all so I can take a quick photo of them when I get home! I brought some into work and they went very quickly. The cookie has a wonderful soft inside, with a nice delicate crunch to the outside. Again I used Meyer lemons and I think that makes all the difference in flavor. Enjoy the images and give the recipes a try!!






5 Replies to “Meyer Lemon Bars”

  1. It’s look delicious!!!!!

  2. aclock says:

    Seriously am going to make these! Great shots 🙂

  3. mom says:

    Now that’s what I call the bright light of yellow! Nice soft, green, waxy grapefruit leaves, with blue reflection are part of a wonderful yellow, blue, & green composition. The purple, orange , & blue styling colors are so warm, & interesting.
    Your lemon bar photos are so impossibly appetizing that I’m going to fetch my fork!

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