Oriental Noodle Salad

Happy Monday to you all! The sun is out as are the pelicans and geese, all signs (or at least illusions) of spring! I’m getting very anxious to enjoy being outside again, and for all the delicious spring and summer produce to be in season. I wanted to share with you all a delicious and colorful recipe that I first tried when a co-worker brought it in for a pot-luck. I have since adjusted it for my household. It is inexpensive and very quick for those evenings where you just don’t have the energy to slave over the stove. Enjoy the images and do try the recipe!







3 Replies to “Oriental Noodle Salad”

  1. Oh bravo – your lighting is just BEAUTIFUL! I’m very envious – white balance and exposure are the two things I’m constantly working to improve and you’ve totally nailed it here…

    • Gnome Photo says:

      Wow, thank you! What a wonderful compliment! Window light creates magic. Almost all of my work is done using window light and a silver reflector to punch a little light into the shadows. 🙂 Having a grey card and photographing your scene with the grey card helps for white balance, too.

      You have a beautiful quality of light in you work!! Very clean and elegant.

  2. mom says:

    You chose fun, & colorful props! I like the camera angle of the plate. Your expert lighting techniques make ramen noodles look prettier, & fancier than I’ve ever seen!

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