Coca Cola Cupcakes

Everyone loves a good cupcake. In fact, cupcakes are probably my favorite thing to photograph. It can be hard though after a quarter of a century to find a cupcake that I haven’t tried. Enter coca cola cupcakes. I know you can barbeque with coke and even Dr. pepper, but I had never heard of it being used in baking. I decided to give it a try, turns out it was well worth the risk.

Recipe will follow at the end of the post, and I will warn you that I struggled a bit with the cola flavored frosting. I had to make adjustments in order to get a frosting that had a consistency proper for piping. I’m also very excited because I was finally able to utilize some props I had purchased years back. An old coke bottle which I obtained from an antique shop when I was still living in Missouri. Chet always rolls his eyes when I buy photo prop goodies and I’m pretty sure he is convinced that I’m part hoarder. But as many photographers can relate, be it fashion, food, or anywhere else on the photo spectrum; props set the tone and you never know when that coke bottle can come in handy. 😛

Enjoy the images and as always, I encourage you to make these yourself!

DSC_0008 (1)


DSC_0104  Untitled-1




8 Replies to “Coca Cola Cupcakes”

  1. Sierra says:

    Great photos, Char!

  2. Gnome Photo says:

    Thanks Sierra!

  3. frenchstarr says:

    Delicious photos! Love the raw cherries and soda straw to decorate them. ❤

  4. frenchstarr says:

    Delicious photos as always! Love the soda straw and raw cherry topping. Remind Chet that collecting nifty stuff is so much better than stray animals. 😉 He could have it worse. Lol

  5. Priya Krish says:

    That is soo cool! Making cupcakes with cola… I see you enjoy innovative cooking 🙂

  6. mom says:

    I like the blue background,& striped straw, so stark in the cupcake too! I enjoy the shiny foil in front, lit up cherries, & appealing dark, med., light colors. Sensational, floating, cherry topped in piping, cupcakes resting momentarily on a rack gliding away through the darkness. Fun stuff, Charlene!

  7. brandimiller says:

    Beautiful and creative photos!

  8. klgrant2 says:

    You mentioned you had never heard of coke in baking before–low fat brownies made with diet coke (just the mix and coke only) aren’t too horrible and actually cake mix with diet coke or 7up for the wet ingredients is really good and super low fat as well!

    The cherries look delicious!

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