Jammin’ till the Jam is through

Chet and I have taken up the art of jamming fresh fruit! With the abundant fruit selection at our local farmer’s market, we seem to come home every Saturday with a new fruit to make into jam. June and July are the months for mouth watering Georgia peaches. I don’t dare eat a peach unless it is a Georgia peach and it has to be mid-summer. Otherwise they just taste like mush. They might smell amazing the way peaches were made to smell, but there is zero flavor. Anyway, off my soapbox.  Chet is quickly perfecting the art and this batch of peach jam held together a lot nicer than our strawberry jam. The strawberry jam was exquisite, but its consistency wasn’t perfect. I’ve been looking forward to waking up in the morning not only to go to work (love my new job btw!) but to relish in the summer flavor of our homemade peach jam delicately (well let’s be real here) piled, on a perfectly toasted slice of bread.  Enjoy the images.


3 Replies to “Jammin’ till the Jam is through”

  1. A. your photography is always adorable and professional. B. which makes sense that you love your new job, bc youre obviously talented and C. i love reading your blog 🙂

  2. Mom says:

    The images you took of the peaches are so soft! I love the reflection of the blue & white checkered cloth in the white bowl! The toast & jam looks so appetizing! Your photography creates the mood I feel when I admire the beauty of it & want to eat it! That’s what I call art!

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