Happy Sizzlin’ 4th of July!

It is that time of year again! The 4th of July has been something that my family celebrates with gumption for as long as I can remember. My grandparents would throw a huge bash inviting all the neighbors, family, and friends. There would be fireworks galore (usually bought from the good stores…if you know what I mean) and a complete program listing the different names of the fireworks with the option for the audience to make comments that way when my grandma went to buy fireworks for next year’s show she’d be ready; like a good librarian she kept meticulous records of each year’s event. For me, the 4th isn’t so much celebrating our nation’s freedom as it is celebrating those memories I have with my family. Maybe that sounds a little selfish, but I’m only being honest. This is our first 4th of July living in Appleton and I wanted to make it a memorable one. We got lucky with the location of our apartment because we live only a block way from the park which the city’s firework celebration was held. That meant we got to sit on our back porch with glasses of wine and all the space and quiet we wanted. Other people in neighboring apartments got their lawn chairs out and lit off a few fireworks before the show started. I much prefer watching fireworks this way…in the comfort of my own lawn…no horrible parking…no walking 4 blocks because of said horrible parking…no obnoxious park music playing over the fireworks…and I’m sorry but here’s some honesty again. No children exclaiming “oohhh!!! AHHH!!!!” every 10 seconds. It is cute for the first two fireworks, then I just want the kid to fall asleep or something.

In addition to the perks of living near the fireworks show, I tried for the first time ever, to make a three layer multicolored cake. The multicolor of the cake turned out really well and I was proud of myself! I also tried a new method of frosting which was supposed to be a three color blended effect, but I don’t think I did it all that successfully. I blame it on not having quite enough frosting left over after assembling the cake and putting my crumb coat on. I also didn’t feel like going to the store and getting more ingredients to make more frosting, so as they say, beggars can’t be choosers. Regardless of how it looks, it tasted DAMN good. Made a new frosting courtesy of a blogger I follow SWEETAPOLITA . This stuff is good. Follow that link and next time you need to make a cake or some cupcakes, I highly recommend you use that frosting!!!

Oh, I also forgot to mention that it is blazing hot outside! Hence the happy ‘sizzlin’ fourth bit. I was so happy when it dumped rain on us earlier in the week because if it hadn’t there would have been a firework ban in Appleton like there is in my hometown right now! BOO! With the heat indices it should reach beyond 105 the rest of the week. In Missouri this was pretty typical, so Chet and I are pretty used to it. Being used to it though, doesn’t make it any less annoying. We solved our issues with the heat by making delicious homemade iced tea with raspberry and blueberry icecubes! We also bought a small “family” pool and put it out on the deck so that we can jump in and cool off. It fits Chet and I comfortably, but is small enough to save space on the deck. Monty and Frankie tried it out too. Frankie loved it and was following us around. If we held him just above the water he would start doggy paddling. Adorable. Monty, much like his attitude during bath time, decided that he would stand in one spot giving us the stink eye and tolerating the water only because he desired to please us so much.

I suppose that is enough text for you all to sift through! Onto what you all really came here for right?? IMAGES! Enjoy! Hope you all had a happy and safe 4th!

2 Replies to “Happy Sizzlin’ 4th of July!”

  1. Mom says:

    Wow! So many vibrant colors! The fireworks really pop out & fill up the screen, just like in the sky! I so glad you saw the fireworks. Your photos brought back the experience for me! The cake looks like pastels, softly visually appealing. Gorgeous water & ice with a blueberry below! Aggregate encased in a cube resting on bowl rim!

  2. Very cool! Love the detail in your fireworks shots, and as always, your amazing food talents. : )

    We have also been over 100 for a few weeks now with no rain. We just MIGHT get some rain in a few days. It is starting to feel like Phoenix around here. I think I’m going to pull out my flower beds and plant cacti!

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