A Day of Valentines

Good morning all! I’m up at nearly 4 a.m, mainly because I just didn’t want to stop working on my images, but also because I’ve been struggling keeping a normal schedule now that my husband has started working third shift. I hardly see him so I usually end up keeping strange hours in order to remedy that.

Anyways, yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I hope you all enjoyed it! I had a lovely day full of lots of fun activities and romance. I made sugar cookies (grandma’s recipe of course) styled to be conversation hearts for my in-laws and mom. I also made breakfast in bed for Chet. I made him his favorite eggs–scrambled with lots of cheese and hot sauce and extra gooey. I also found this adorable little bread stamp that writes “I love you” on your toast! Later in the evening Chet and I went to go see “The Vow” which is one of those typical romance movies. It was cute, a good date movie. It left us both feeling rather smitten with one another. Chet wanted to buy me flowers so we went to the store to pick some out and decided to also get some stemmed strawberries and make chocolate covered strawberries! We shared them with Chet’s parents. Patti had received a very sweet gift from one of her students. The student’s mother had crafted a Chinese takeout box into a little gift container filled with chocolates and handmade felt fortune cookies. Such a cute idea! After sharing our berries we snuggled in bed with a glass of wine each, watching some of our favorite T.V shows until Chet had to take his nightly nap before work. He left around 11pm and I went to work photographing!

I hope you enjoy the images from all of my Valentine’s Day activities!

2 Replies to “A Day of Valentines”

  1. The fortune cookies are a really cute idea. Also, your actual cookies turned out really well. I think we both know that if I was there helping, they would have turned out much different…like the Halloween cookies! Anyway, sounds like you have a good Valentine’s Day!

  2. Herbert J. Ellis says:

    What a wonderful romantic day as well as very yummy.

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