Soon to be college grad+job search=new website

Hey everyone just a quick update. I having been doing a lot of job searching as of late, and thinking hard about what my future holds. I wanted to revamp my portfolio website so I created a new one.

I would love to eventually buy my own domain so that the website has no other affiliations expect my name, but that will come when real money does. So for now, I used which is a good resource to create websites using really easy flash designs.

Please visit it and tell me what you think, I’m counting on all of you to be honest and look at it as if you were a potential employer looking for some real talent! I’d really appreciate it!!

Here’s the link :

and a little preview of my front page:

One Reply to “Soon to be college grad+job search=new website”

  1. beth says:

    What a freaking awesome website!!!! Sooooo impressive 🙂

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