Advanced Color Portrait Assignment #5–Alien Bee (On Location)

Yesterday one of my former co-workers, Jamie Pickett was very generous with her time and posed for my newest Advanced Color Imaging assignment. This assignment’s goal was to use the photographic lighting equipment called Alien Bees. It was rather open ended aside from the lighting requirement.

Spring is bursting into the air in Missouri and I was so eager to start photographing with green sprouts and blooming flowers. After a long stressful winter these 77 degrees and sunny spring days are just what a person needs to chin up, get motivated, and really make a go of things.

I only used one alien bee with a large softbox in addition to ambient light from the sunset and a silver reflector to add more light into the eyes of Jamie. She was a great and patient model, as when we had first set up on location I realized that I had left the power cord to the lights at home. *How embarrasing*

I tried some new techniques placing Jamie just outside of the softbox’s range which creates a more dramatic lighting style. I also tried my hand at a little bit of sunflare, which is a popular technique now in a lot of “trendy” portraits.  I took nearly 600 pictures of Jamie and I had a hard time narrowing it down because we had such good results. Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot! Thanks Jamie for everything!! 🙂 Enjoy.

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