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Blood Orange & Citrus Tart

Came across a delicious looking recipe in a magazine at work and knew it was my next blog post. Chet was up at our cabin turkey hunting this weekend, so I had the house to myself and figured I should make the most of it. I love my husband, but

Molten Chocolate Ebelskivers

Greetings!! I took quite the hiatus from posting didn’t I? I never thought once I had a full time job in photography that I would lose motivation for my personal work. Boy, was I wrong. Turns out having a full time job means you come home exhausted and by 7:30

Cranberry Cookie Bars

Hey all! I thought I would take the rare opportunity of a free Sunday to exercise some creativity. I’ve had this bag of cranberries sitting in my fridge waiting to be used for something delicious. I finally came across a recipe for cranberry cookie bars that seemed perfect for those

Chocolate & Blackberry cupcakes

Hi all! I have tons of awesome food photography ideas brewing in the ol’ gearbox and decided to put one of those ideas to action. My mother-in-law had been mentioning how much she was craving some cake, but she didn’t want to make a whole cake. I thought I would

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