Balsamic Steak & Veggie Roll ups on the Grill

Hey all!

I’ve been waiting to post this recipe for a bit. I made it last weekend, but never got a chance to post as I was preparing to leave for Georgia for a week. I finally have a bit of down time and figured I’d post before I forgot! This recipe is very easy, and a great way to get more veggies into your diet. I saw something similar to this on pinterest and created my own spin.

In my house, balsamic vinegar is a staple food. If I could put it on everything, I would. We are fortunate to have a place called the Olive Cellar in Appleton, which specializes in gourmet balsamic vinegars and oils imported from various locations. This place is a vinegar and oil connoisseurs dreamland. It is similar to VomFass, I believe there is in Madison but it is a locally owned business. Anyways, we love trying different vinegars from there for all kinds of meals.

They have a wonderful aged balsamic, which is pretty expensive but totally worth the money. The flavor is exquisite. I decided to marinade some flat iron steaks in this balsamic vinegar. You don’t necessarily have to use a flat iron steak, I did because it would save me the hassle of tenderizing a thicker piece of meat. Then I decided what veggies I wanted to use. It is best to use veggies that don’t have a lot of bulk, as you will need to wrap the meat around them and be sure they don’t fall out and into the pit of the grill!


1/2 c balsamic vinegar

2 gloves of garlic, minced

1 tsp thyme

a pinch or two of freshly ground black pepper and coarse salt

Combine in a Ziploc bag, add your steaks and let sit refrigerated for at least four hours, rotating sides after 2 hours. Meanwhile, prep your veggies. I used asparagus, yellow, orange and red peppers, purple onion, and green onions. You could also use zucchini or squash, cut into very thin straws. If you choose to do veggies that may need more cooking time, it might be a good idea to steam them just a bit before grilling. I don’t mind a bit of crunch to my asparagus so I chose not to steam, though for some it may be a good idea.  Be sure that you cut your veggies into thinner strips so they are easily rolled.

After your meat has marinated lay out the individual steaks. My flat irons were quite wide, so I cut them in half to make them more manageable. Next, place your veggies in the center of the steak. Take one end of the steak (doesn’t matter which one, I started with the right because I am right handed) and roll it over the veggies, making sure to tuck the end of the steak aggressively around the veggies. Continue to roll until the steak has fully wrapped around all veggies and overlaps itself. Secure the veggies and steak in place with bamboo skewers.

Now my husband is the grill master in my household, so he was preparing the grill while I was creating the rolls. If you are doing this solo, you will likely want to start your grill just before you make the rolls so that the grill is at about 250 degrees. If you want it hotter that is fine, but be aware that your steak may dry out if you have a hotter grill temp. Place your skewers on the grill, shut the lid and let cook for about 5 minutes. Check to see if you get those beautiful grill marks on the bottom, if so, then it is time to rotate the rolls to the other side. Again, let sit under a closed lid for about 5 minutes or until sear marks show. Remove from grill and enjoy! I like to eat them like sandwiches though I will warn you there isn’t a graceful way to eat these without taking them apart! 🙂 Enjoy!











3 Replies to “Balsamic Steak & Veggie Roll ups on the Grill”

  1. Sierra says:

    Wow – those look great! Photography and tastiness!

  2. mom says:

    Beautifully pointed, lain spears of asparagus along side a half hearted purple onion
    Warm, orange, red, & yellow peppers below
    Graced by cool green onions
    Colorful shapes peeking peeking out of the meat
    Appetizing grilled skewer

    Wonderful contrasting colors of juicy meat, & veggies floating in a white back drop, Charlene!

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