Fall is here, winter is coming

Hi folks. Wow. Last post was in September! I’m ashamed of my hiatus from blogging. I feel like I’m always saying how things are crazy busy, but things really haven’t seemed to let up! My weekends are usually the only time I have to devote to food shoots, and for the past month or so my calendar has been booked with non-shoot related tasks.

We’ve been spending quite a lot of time with family, traveling all around Wisconsin. I think we’ve been home only a couple of weekends if that! In pair with finally having an active social life, I’ve been working to get back on the exercise and eating right band wagon. That means going to the gym after work and cooking healthy meals. It also means an exhausted Char with no energy left. I guess you’ve gotta put up with that in the beginning before it becomes easy a and natural lifestyle.

I wanted to share some of the images I’ve taken throughout this hiatus to let you know that I’m still here. I’ve got a few shoots in mind, but they’ll have to wait until time permits. πŸ™‚ In the meantime, enjoy!

Delicious raspberry apple mini pies I made on whim one day

Beautiful bejeweled spider web that I woke up to before work one morning

The colors this fall were amazing. A few shots of the colors at Plamann park in Appleton.

Incredible deer skull we found up at the cabin. The entire skeleton was picked clean by nature.

A conglomerate of instagram and phone pictures I took of this years Halloween festivities.

4 Replies to “Fall is here, winter is coming”

  1. grightnow says:

    I like all your food shots. Any tips for an amatuer? I have just started with some basic Asian food at http://gourmetframed.wordpress.com/

    • Gnome Photo says:

      Natural light is your best friend! There is a lot of fancy lighting you can buy, but if you understand how light changes and affects the impact of your food, natural light is all you need. Understanding light is the first step in creating wonderful food imagery. The second tip would be styling. Some food just looks good naturally, but interesting food images tell stories. Whether those stories are memories, or narratives, styling helps to bring out that creativity that makes the image different and unique. Plenty of people can take a picture of a strawberry, but few can make you feel something about that strawberry. πŸ™‚ Shallow depth of field is a great technique, but remember that there is a place for that crisp sharpness to fill the frame. I would recommend the book “From plate to pixel” the styling is more vintage, but there is a lot of really good information regarding lighting and composition which is well worth the read. Good luck to you and I appreciate so much your kind words and your visit! Looking forward to seeing what you can do!

  2. Mom says:

    So appetizing to see the pie before it’s baked! I would eat the whole pie! Stunning spider web! I like the angle. The trees at Plaman Park would look great on my wall! I like the stark black & white & the accenting gray deer skull photo. You are gorgeous Wonderwoman! Monty & Frankie look full of Halloween mischief in their costumes! It sure was fun enjoying the Halloween festivities with family in Appleton! What a close up of the cranberry dessert! It’s an appetite continuum! I can’t wait until you bring it to our Thanksgiving table!

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