Butternut Squash Soup

Hello folks! Fall is here! I wanted to snuggle up with a nice soup this weekend to get into the fall spirit. Now for those of you who know me, I am rather particular with my taste in food. I am not a big fan of squash or zucchini or anything of the like. However, a few weeks ago my photo pals Katlyn Glastetter and Anneka Clock went to eat lunch with me at a little restaurant in downtown Warrensburg called Cafe Blackadder.  By the way for those of you who live in Warrensburg or nearby should go check it out. They have spectacular food and a very sweet atmosphere. Definitely something that Warrensburg needed. I only wish they were open longer and that the space was a little bigger to make it a cafe that students could frequent at all hours (or at least later hours) to study/socialize/relax.

Anyways, Anneka ordered butternut squash soup and immediately in my head I was thinking “yuck!” she smiled at me and could probably sense my not so inner monologue and encouraged me to try it. As I’ve gotten older I’ve become a little more adventurous and decided what the heck. UMMMMM YUMMY!!! It was so delicious, I can’t believe I’d been snubbing this deliciousness out of my life for so long! I decided that it would later be a soup that I would make myself and photograph. So…..

3 Replies to “Butternut Squash Soup”

  1. beth says:

    I still can’t help but think yuck…. But these photos do make it seem much more tempting!!! Ahh they look do nice and autumny 🙂

  2. Beautiful food photography!
    Greetings from north of the Arctic Circle.

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