Advanced Color Portrait Assignment #1–Hollywood Lighting

Today I completed my Hollywood lighting assignment and boy does it feel good. My friend Lindsey Barnes was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to be my model, and my other friend Mary Williams also made time to be my hair and makeup stylist!

We shot on location at Arwood’s Furniture Store, where my husband works. I had planned on using a chase for my model to lay on, but when I started photographing I realized that with the equipment I had the furniture piece would be too big in order to get the correct lighting. I wish I would have had a boom arm, but alas, I did not. You have to work with what you’ve got. So we decided to just have Lindsey sit on a stool.

I had several equipment issues–mainly due to my own poor planning so the shoot did not go as easily as I would have hoped, but in the end we came away with some really nice images. Here is my favorite and final image from the shoot! You can see more on my Flickr by clicking here.


Thanks again to Lindsey and Mary, and a special thanks to Nate Miller for lending me some equipment, Tyler King for letting me borrow his  fur coat, and the Arwood’s team for letting us use their facilities!

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