Frankie Update

Hey all-

Frankie is quickly learning all the things it takes to be a Champion puppy.  We think he has finally picked up potty training as in the past few days he has had very few accidents (any that he did have were our fault)

We had a little scare with him earlier in the week. When the front door to our apartment is left open on a windy day it creates a draft which slams the back door shut. The only way for the front door to stay shut on a super windy day is to dead-bolt it.  Needless to say, it was a SUPER windy day and the front door was not bolted shut. It opened, which resulted in the back door slamming Frankie’s back leg inside of it extremely hard.  It all happened so fast that I didn’t have a chance to catch him before it happened. 😦 I felt like such an awful puppy mamma.  I was terrified that he broke a leg so I took him to the Vet with Chet. Turns out it was okay, and he was sent home with some anti-inflammatory drugs to  lessen the pain.

Frankie now knows how to sit, (and somewhat stay)  and lay down. He had his very first bath in the apartment today and he did pretty well with it! He and Monty are getting along so well and half of the time the two are so absorbed in each other that they don’t want any of our loving until they are tired out from play time.  We can tell that Monty is a much happier animal with Frankie around.

Anyways, here are some update pictures. They are just some quick snapshots–nothing fancy.

we like to call this suction cup paw

maybe if I just get a little closer to the edge I can hop out!

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