Milk Studies

I was stumbling the internet late last night attempting to make my eyes tired enough for sleep when I came across an interesting video. Please watch it so you can understand what these images are about and how it all happens!

I thought this was such an interesting idea and decided that it might be fun to try to photograph some of the abstract happenings. This is something that was fun to try on a whim, but I think if I can perfect my technique some interesting imagery could come of it…keep watching for more. In the meantime,  here are a few of what I thought to be the more successful images.



4 Replies to “Milk Studies”

  1. Laura Cotting says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing! We watched several “Household Hacker” episodes, now it’s off to the kitchen for fun with milk. Yeah, and great photo studies! 😀

  2. frenchstarr says:

    How cool! I love the colors in the last one especially. This reminds me of marbling painting. I’ve never tried it, but I love how it looks.

  3. Gnome Photo says:

    Thanks guys! It was a ton of fun! Tip for you all though, if you decide to try this make sure you have another person! It is tricky by yourself!

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