Early Morning Admiration

I haven’t been able to sleep real well the past few weeks. I don’t know if its because of the  cold/sickness I can’t seem to beat, or if it is because of something else. Instead of sleeping I decided to sit by my Christmas tree, absorbing the colors and sparkles, wishing that the first of January wasn’t just around the bend. I’ll have to carefully pack away all my Christmas goodies in their proper boxes for next year.  I wanted to take some photographs of a couple of my ornaments just to keep in the photographic mindset and to enjoy my tree even more before it has to get put away.

Looking at my Christmas tree and some of the ornaments on it reminded me of all my Christmases past, and the traditions and memories that went along with them. During the holidays, most people are able to come together with their families and enjoy time together practicing traditions and creating new memories. It is not say that I didn’t get to do this during my 2010 Christmas, but my time with my family was shorter than I would have liked–a mere 45 minutes spent with my big brother ( I call him brother bear) and only a few days with my mom, sister, and grandparents. We had to celebrate Christmas a week early due to work scheduling conflicts. (Yeah–I got the joy of working on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day–a task hopefully my big kid job won’t make ANYONE do)

It is so strange as a person gets older and moves farther from home how much more you appreciate the time you get with family. Christmases together used to just be a given, now we are lucky if everyone can all make it at the same time.

I left Wisconsin to go back to life in Missouri and couldn’t shake the sadness that accompanied me there.  I really miss my family, and I felt really awful leaving. As much as I am happy for the people and friends I’ve met here in Missouri and the memories and experiences we’ve created, I sure can’t wait till I’m back in the motherland of Wisconsin–closer to family.

Anyways, so I guess what is making me write this early morning lament is that I hope everyone got to spend time with family this holiday season, and if you haven’t yet, try to. Make the most out of the time that you have together, when it is harder to come by, you’ll wish you always did.



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