Lemon Frosted Snow Ball Cookies


This weekend I decided to try a new recipe I found in my Martha Stewart Holiday magazine. I chose snowball cookies, which normally call for a frosting made up of fresh ginger. However, I don’t stomach ginger very well so I modified the recipe for lemon. They were an easy cookie to make but more fun to photograph!

I had visions of nice winter like blues with sparkling snowflakes as an accent. I also wanted to try focusing on cropping and framing my images for magazine text. This is something that I have never premeditated before in my imagery, and seeing as advertising and commercial photography is my dream–I had better start thinking about how to frame images for text! I did my best to execute the vision in my  head to life. Here’s a few of the images. Tell me what you think!

One Reply to “Lemon Frosted Snow Ball Cookies”

  1. Aimee Starr says:

    Love the colors and texture! (not to mention that lens! MUA!) I think the one where you can see the filling works best. Nice work!

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