Ghirardelli Holiday Chocolate

Hello all! Christmas is just around the corner and I am feeling festive as ever! I already have my car radio tuned into the local Christmas station and I am ever so patiently waiting for Thanksgiving to pass so my husband will allow me to bust out my Christmas decor.

My last and final advanced studio assignment is dealing with food or a liquid pour shot. I plan to revisit the pour shot later in the week, but for now I decided to try and photograph something that I’ve never done before–chocolate. I thought it would be fun to photograph a festive motif with peppermint Ghirardelli chocolates. I tried the first 100 shots or so using natural light from my window, but it proved harder than I thought since the chocolate is white and the engraving is so detailed. I had a difficult time lighting it right so the stamp was noticeable.  I eventually added an external flash using alien bees to create a more interesting look. Anyways enjoy a few of the shots! And keep your eye open for a pour shot within the week!


Oohh! Here is a quick image from the shoot I did in the studio with chocolate. I used dark and milk chocolate cordial cherries and sprinkled some peppermint flakes on the tops. Tricky stuff to photograph!

2 Replies to “Ghirardelli Holiday Chocolate”

  1. Sierra says:

    I love these! The chocolate covered cherries are gorgeous!

  2. beth says:

    i agree with sierra–those cherries are AWESOME! but the rest are beautiful as well!

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