M&P-Motion Photography

This week’s M&P theme is motion and let me first say that I really don’t like motion photography. I don’t really think that it is my forte. I shot about 700 images before I got two images that I liked. I also risked being killed by a creepy man staying at the Belmont Motel. He was a character. He kept talking to me about the sign I was photographing and how it was the first neon sign ever in Warrensburg, and how it was here before electric typewriters were invented. I’m pretty sure he was completely wasted, and while it was probably judgmental of me to be afraid–I got out of that place quickety split.

Here’s the only decent Belmont photo I took before the dude kept talking to me and preventing me from shooting.

This next image is one that I have been thinking about doing for quite some time. I always drive past the Arby’s sign in Warrensburg at night and think about what an awesome old sign it is. Antique neon signs can be really interesting especially now, when billboards and tacky light up signs seem to litter the skies.

One Reply to “M&P-Motion Photography”

  1. beth says:

    I actually laughed aloud at the roast beef one… love it! I feel like i’m being hypnotized by arby’s. 🙂

    as always, love all your photos and love and miss you!!

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