And so the fall semester begins

Hello all-

Apologies for my lethargic posting this summer. Chet recently separated from the military so we have spent the majority of the summer searching for jobs for him, and I have been working NON stop at my job trying to save up as much money as possible. I know that most people wouldn’t accept that excuse as a reason to not photograph. They would say that if I really had a passion and cared and wanted to make it, I would sacrifice in order to take as many photos as I could. While I can understand their point, I don’t entirely agree. I’m disappointed that I wasn’t able to shoot more, but I know that it was for the preparation of the tumultuous next year for my husband and I.  In short, this is my little ramble rebelling against all of the people who get to have their lives paid for and have no responsibilities. Sure, its easy to photograph all the time when you have nothing else tying you down. Bah. Anyways onto better and happier things….

Chet got a job!! Woohoo! He will be the warehouse manager at Arwoods Furniture here in Warrensburg. It will be a lot of responsibility in an area that is somewhat unknown to him so it should be a challenge, but one that he is looking forward to. School has started up again. This semester looks promising. I have a few classes that are going to be a lot of work and not entirely interesting, being my history class, and then another very scientific photography class (which everyone raves about how hard it is) We’ll see though, maybe they will work out better for me than they did for others. I have a business management for photography class which I am excited and intimidated of. I’m excited because I really want to learn the business side of photography, but also scared because it will be a completely new area which I know NOTHING about. The reality being that many photographers do not run successful businesses, and to do so takes a tremendous amount of work and commitment. I want to be one of those successful ones!!!! My other class which I am most looking forward to is Advanced Studio Techniques! Eventually we get to focus on food photography which is my passion and what I really really want to do with my life someday…you know…when I grow up. 🙂

I just had my 22nd birthday on Thursday and my 2 year wedding anniversary on Tuesday! Needless to say it was a week full of celebration. Now that school has started up and Chet found a new job, it will be back to the grindstone for the Champions! I just wanted to give you all a little update. I’m hoping to photograph later in the day so keep an eye out for postings. I’ll have something soon though, I promise!

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  1. terryownby says:

    I completely agree with you regarding sacrifices and photography. The reality is “life” and sometimes it takes priority over our photography. I know, my sacrifice this summer was my shooting and instead, I was chained to a computer writing, writing, writing! Not always a fun thing when all your friends get to go out and play! Hang in there, keep focused, and I’m sure you’ll have a very productive school year.

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