A brief shoot with wildberry muffins

Hello all!

I promised I would put something up within the week and I have come through! I made a boat load of muffins since school has started up and Chet now has his new job. We were in need of some tasty on the go breakfast choices, so I thought what better than a bunch of muffins! I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers for my birthday from my mother in law and I was hoping to use it in some food photography. I used my own alien bees a reflector and some window light. The very last image I made by engulfing my coffee table with a sheet and using a bit of flash to whiten out the background. Here are my three favorite shots. Enjoy.

One Reply to “A brief shoot with wildberry muffins”

  1. frenchstarr says:

    Mmmm tasty photography! What exactly is a “wild berry?” I’m envious of your muffin baking skills!

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