After letting my dog, Monty out to do his business I turned around to discover that he had brought me what he thought to be a delightful little present, a dead bird. I am unsure whether or not he killed the poor thing, or if something else got the better of it and his snout just brought it to me. Regardless, I thought it was such a sad little bird it still seemed fluffed out from the cold but completely lifeless and stiff. I had previously taken some images of a dead squirrel on the roadside which after being critiqued in a foundations class was given some high reviews. I decided to continue to explore the textural and emotional aspects of making dead animals into interesting art. There is so much to look at when you examine a dead animal and when photographing this bird, which I assume to be some sort of sparrow or wren, I can’t help but think of how incredible  a bird really is. I photograph its now stiff feathers and legs, imagining them in a different time when they would be alive with movement. The eyes which now stare into a cold, snowy nothingness, I imagine feverishly scouting the land for food and safe keeping.  Though one wouldn’t naturally assume it, there is some beauty to be found in this breathless bird. Enjoy the images.

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