Help! Adobe is trying to make me poor!

I shot another dead animal series yesterday which turned out pretty neat. The only problem is when I went to upload and start editing some images I realized that CS3 doesn’t support the camera RAW format for my pretty new camera. Adobe has cleverly made it so that CS3 users with newer camera models have no choice but to upgrade to CS4 or find another means of converting RAW. This is extremely disappointing as I was hoping to have new images posted for all to see, but alas, I cannot even open my files.

I was trying to stick with CS3 as long as possible mainly because after working with CS4 in class, I have discovered that I am not a fan to their new interface I’d much rather stay with my happy CS3. So, I guess if any of you know of a way you have gotten around this clever marketing ploy, or know of the cheapest possible place to pick up CS4, or if you are a pirate with some treasure to share… let me know!

One Reply to “Help! Adobe is trying to make me poor!”

  1. They sell CS4 at the book store for pretty cheap. Someone was telling me you can get the whole creative suite for about $100. I’m 100% on that, but it might be something you want to check out.

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