New Camera

I recently upgraded my camera from a 7.1 mega pixel Nikon D50 to a 12.3 mega pixel Nikon D5000! A very generous gift from my loving grandparents. I haven’t had a lot of opportunity to shoot many images due to lots of snow and below freezing temperatures. However, I have been playing with it indoors using my light cube and macro lens experimenting with jewelry photography. I have had no formal studio training yet, though my studio class began today and I’m very excited to absorb all kinds of knowledge! So far I have just been playing with light and seeing what I can come up with. I know that it isn’t quite high key yet and I need to work more on having a smooth transitional gradient. I’ll post a few more images but for now, here is my favorite!

3 thoughts on “New Camera

    1. Yeah they are my rings. I got them from those were the days…a resale shop here in Warrensburg! The only sad thing is that they don’t really fit me all that well, and they are sterling silver which I was told is very hard to get re-sized.

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