Photo Story

This is a photo story about a customer at my place of work, Family Video. His name is Maurice. Working in customer service, particularly in a video store, brings out all kinds of different people. There are always memorable customers and Maurice is perhaps, my most memorable to date. Maurice is a man full of character and there is no doubt that I will usually come home with some sort of story about Maurice every time I see him.  This particular story shows a side of Maurice that as employees, we don’t always appreciate.  For the longest time Maurice would come into the store a few minutes before, and sometimes even after midnight hoping to get movies. It would set back our closing procedures and most of the time we wouldn’t get home until around 1am. We tried talking to him time after time, and even had managers explain to him our closing policy. He still didn’t really get it and I don’t think he ever will. So we have all just sort of accepted the fact that come 5 minutes til midnight, you should expect Maurice.

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