Orchid Quest 2013

Tis the season of ORCHIDS!

Earlier this month my mom and I went to Orchid Quest at the Alliant Energy center in Madison. Orchid quest is a orchid show and competition. It has become sort of a tradition for my mom and I to go, and to take home a couple of new plants! I always bring my camera because there are so many beautiful specimens to be photographed. There are tons of vendors who are selling plants and the judged orchid show always brings out exotic orchids that growers have meticulously cared for, hoping to win the esteemed honor of “Best in Show”.

I bought three new plants this year, all Dendrobiums. I have five orchids total now, the other two are Oncidiums. My grandmother was an orchid green thumb and could nurse back to health pretty much any orchid that was sent her way. I’m not sure I’ve inherited that connection with the orchids, but I’m doing my best to learn and have more experience. The Oncidiums I own have lots of new growth, but haven’t blossomed in a year or so. I think they need re-potting and I’m hoping they will blossom again afterwards.

The first weekend in March I plan to attend another Orchid show, this time in Neenah. I’ve even convinced Chet to come along with me for this one! Hopefully he’ll be blown away by all the beautiful plants that he will let me buy another! đŸ™‚

Enjoy the gallery of images I took at Orchid Quest 2013!

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