George Hurrell & 30’s Hollywood Glamor Previsualization

Hello all-

For my Advanced Portrait class we learned about George Hurrell and his amazing lighting techniques. He was famous for the butterfly and rembrandt lighting techniques and his unique ability to create stunning imagery. I haven’t shot my assignment yet–due to snow storm complications, however I have major plans.

My husband works at a furniture store, and the owners are being kind enough to allow me to use one of their chases or any other furniture I may want in the shoot as well as some of the warehouse space so I can set up my equipment without bothering day to day operations.

I also bought some jewelry for the shoot which I hope will enhance the 30’s hollywood glamor feel, in addition to having my awesome friend Mary Williams come in to style my model’s hair and makeup!  below is the jewelry I plan to use and a few examples of George Hurrell’s work. NOTE ANY IMAGERY OTHER THAN THE JEWELRY IS NOT MINE. They are simply educational references for all of my readers to understand what this type of lighting is, and to appreciate the masterful works of Mr. Hurrell.

Keep your eyes open as I hope to complete the assignment this weekend for posting!! 😀

3 thoughts on “George Hurrell & 30’s Hollywood Glamor Previsualization

  1. Thanks Aimee! and to answer your question about my satin shoot earlier, I used these old plastic snowflake ornaments I had gotten at some craft store a few years back. They had some really neat iridescent qualities and beautiful colors to them!

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