Would you care for some tea? perhaps a cupcake?

Two posts in one day! I am a photographing machine. I had mentioned in a previous post about these adorable little silicon molds I purchased a few days back and I finally got to try them out for the first time. I made lemon cake cupcakes with what should have been a lemon curd frosting. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any lemon curd at the store and I was too worn out to make some home made…so I made just a real easy frosting recipe to use. I think it worked well enough.  I tried a whole bunch of different backgrounds and set ups. I used natural light and alien bees for lighting as well as my 105 mm macro 2.8 lens! The house smells wonderful and the best part is that I get to eat them all now!! The first image is just of the plain cake as it came out of the oven…the rest are all frosted and beautified. Enjoy folks.

One Reply to “Would you care for some tea? perhaps a cupcake?”

  1. beth says:

    mmm but i love lemon curd! i made my own once, it’s definitely worth it (but time-consuming!) these look beautifulllll char, i think i may make my own cupcakes tonight!!

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