Editorial #3 Food Photography

For my third Editorial photography assignment I decided to try my hand at food photography. It was a fun process and I got to eat some tasty food in the meantime. I prepared all of the images with real food that I cooked, with a little help on the grill from my husband. I used 2 alien bees with medium softboxes. All of the plates and table accessories were items from my own kitchen. I used a 85 mm 2.8 tilt shift lens for the entire assignment. I shot on two separate days and edited for what seemed like eternity! Food photography is fun but definitely particular! Moving items in the frame mere inches or centimeters would make a huge impact on the overall aesthetic of each image.  I am an avid cook so I am a collection of cookbooks and cooking magazines which I read through and used as inspiration for set design. Here are my favorite images from each food set.  Don’t forget that you can see my entire food set at flickr by clicking here.

3 Replies to “Editorial #3 Food Photography”

  1. Sierra says:

    Looks great, Charlene! The burger and curly fries are mouthwatering! 🙂

  2. hullcha says:

    Thanks! I’m going to be taking more photographs today so keep your eyes peeled for additional postings!

  3. beth says:

    i want the whale dish! and i also love your fiesta ware. these are seriously amazing. i’m considering being a food writer, so we should be a team 🙂

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